Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here’s a funny little story for those of you who may roll your eyes at all the baseball content. I was listening to the radio on the way into work yesterday, and heard a commercial for a book by some spy novel author. The commercial goes something like this:

When a presidential candidate’s poll ratings skyrocket after an attempt on his life, CIA agent (something something) must determine if it was an act of terrorism…or an act of treason.

From there, they go to some reviews and then say, “…the new novel by (somebody), Act of Treason”. So, it would appear all that the CIA agent would have to do to decide “whether it’s an act of terrorism or an act of treason” is read the title. I’m not an ad exec, but putting a spoiler in the commercial doesn’t seem real bright to me.

But maybe this could be a new trend for movie trailers:

(Narrator voice) When Jenny Wilson woke up this morning, she never could have imagined that her baby would be missing. (Phone rings. Jenny looks at it, terrified.) Menacing voice on phone says, “Your daughter won’t eat her peas.” (Jenny screams and starts crying) (Narrator) Now, she has just three days to find out who has her child or she will have to do the unthinkable. (Menacing voice) Blow up the US Embassy or your daughter will never blow out her first birthday candle. (Narrator) It’s the guy who delivered the baby’s formula to the house in the movie’s first scene. Julianne Moore. Christopher Walken. From Director Pedro Almodovar, Peas Don’t Kill My Baby. Opens Friday Everywhere.

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