Friday, January 14, 2005

The Bush Administration is planning on cutting the HUD budget drastically. You can read the story in the Washington Post.

This is an extremely serious attack on the poor and minorities in our country. While it's not perfect, HUD is one of the few federal departments with "people oriented" policies and procedures. The movement of some of its programs to the Commerce Department is, on that front, appalling.

Some HUD programs are to be cut entirely. One such program is the rural housing program. Others are going to be moved or cut in dramatic fashion. To no surprise, these changes will likely benefit the housing, lending, and insurance industries to the detriment of the actual people who need help with housing.

When taken with the Community Reinvestment Act dilutions and the previous proposed changes in HUD's support for public housing and Housing Choice Vouchers, this is beginning to look like very dark news.

I will post on some advocacy actions as soon as they are available.

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